Monday, July 27, 2009

CSM training brought to you by Code71

It's been a while since we last wrote the blog. The obvious reason is one of two. There hadn’t been any activity, or there were too many activities to find time to write. Hmmm… it’s actually the second one for us.

To prove my point I’ll post a series of blogs about our past activities in next few days.

Recently (July15, 16) we had conducted the first CSM (Certified Scrum Master) training in Bangladesh. The place was Hotel Lake Shore, Gulshan, Dhaka. Bas Vodde and Syed H. Rayhan trained in the two-day training session.

Initially we were not sure whether we will get enough students for the class since Agile/Scrum is still in its early stage of adoption in Bangladesh. Grameenphone, the largest telco and probably the largest brand in Bangladesh showed its usual leadership by signing up with 12 of their IT professionals. Hats off to them, but well, let’s save it for the last.

A few software companies- Adaptive Enterprise, CodeMate, ValuePlus, and of course, we ( Code71) signed up for the class. Altogether there were 17 students registered for the first ever CSM training in Bangladesh. Not a bad show, after all, ha?

The software companies were excited about the course and showed even more enthusiasm about Scrum after the training. Couldn’t just wait to apply the learning to their work. Grameenphone, however, thought they would need some persuasion at the top level to take Scrum seriously company wide.

Now some thanks giving! Thanks to Syed, who had to jump in on the second day when Bas got sick (thanks to our famous Star Restaurant...:-)). Our new member of Code71 team, Bappy really pulled it all well together. Good job on your first assignment at Code71. And of course, thanks to Bas! He was really amazing with his animated presentation style – all were extremely inspiring and insightful to the students. Looking forward to work with him again… somewhere around, sometime around.

Here is the picture of the first CSM class in Bangladesh.


  1. It's great to hear that CSM training has conducted in Bangladesh for the first time ever! Thanks to Code71 for organizing it.
    I think this is the time for the software companies in Bangladesh to adopt agile/scrum.


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