Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Implementation of Agile/Scrum, a seed of a bigger dream.

We got quite an overwhelming response for CSM training, but many found the price of the course to be high. But hey, CSM is an international certification, and there was not much we could do with the price! However, seeing a lot of interests in the course, we decided to offer a subsidized (subsidized by us) training to help spread the knowledge of Agile/Scrum in Bangladesh.

We partnered with BDJobs to bring this subsidized non-certification course. They agreed to take the responsibility of marketing. Priced under $100 we designed a two-day training titled “Implementation of Agile/Scrum.” This wasn't an international certification as such, but it was as good as it got with Syed, with his long international experience on Agile implementation, being the trainer. What I reckon, after the CSM training conducted by us, and an Agile training organized by BASIS, this was the third formal training on Agile/Scrum in the country.

Adaptive Enterprise must be pretty serious about Agile adoption. Two of them had just been certified as Scrum Masters, and they sent five students for the non-certification course! Other participating companies were Brain Station-23, Star Computer Systems, CSL Software, KAZ Software, M&H Informatics, Cention AB, AIUB, and Bdjobs Ltd itself.

In the classroom of "Implementation of Agile/Scrum in Practice"

All went well. The participants seemed energized , and found the course extremely educative and inspiring. We plan to continue to offer both certification and non-certification courses on Agile/Scrum. So, keep in touch with us for the announcement of the next course. We also plan to offer a course completely focusing on Agile engineering practices.

Fokhruz Zaman, CTO of Millennium IT, and an Agile enthusiast joined in on the last day. Syed with his US experience and Zaman with his local networking, found each other complementary to take Agile Bangladesh User group (AgielBD) group to the next level. Actually that's where AgileBD's recent momentum was seeded. Well, what about AgileBD?

Let's talk about it next time. Until then, Happy Agile-ing!


  1. When would the next training session be held again ?

  2. We don't have any training session on Agile scheduled yet, we have one on RoR in March 2010. Feel free to send your requirement, request and feedback regarding training to Thanks.

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