Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Agilebd – Get Going!

Wow! AgileBD acquired 192 members and counting! About 50 posts in a month! We launched a web site. And we are planning to host an international Agile conference in early next year. What do you call it? The power of networking? Or, the power of passion?

So, that was the seed of a bigger dream, and now it is rolling. Thanks to Zaman, Syed, Fahim, Bas, Sohan, Tim, Hasan, Raisul and Nayeem for their continuous support and encouragement. And thanks to all who are worth mentioning, but let’s visit the group to know how they think and express!

We, Code71, is of course the proud and humble initiator of the group and the site. It really feels great to be part of something greater than yourself, doesn’t it?


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